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EZITECH provide our services across the sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plants, Substation & Switchyards, Complex Industrial Plants, Heavy Infrastructure projects etc.

Through our Technology Development, we have successfully developed various products related to Environment, Energy Conservation, Recovery Units, Purification and Gas Processing Modular Skid Based Plants.


Herein the structure was designed and executed by an PEB agency, while roof sheeting installation was going on during sheeting stacking the rafter and purlin failed in first bay and this call for load verification and it was found the roof was designed as per non IS Standard and also without considering any loads of false ceiling and utilities pipe lines. Herein we were introduced and we verified the complete design and proposed strengthening measures, kindly note in kitchen area all equipment’s was already installed and it was not possible to work from inside. The PEB has suggested additional tonnage for strengthening as 45T while we resolved the issue using 7T material. The building is performing perfectly alright. The design was reviewed, verified and approved by client consultant.
As a Part of petrochemical facilities some structures are subjected and identified to design as blast resistance. With no reference available in form of books or literature only available code was “DESIGN OF BLAST RESISTING BUILDING IN PETROCHEMICAL FACILITIES BY ASCE”. Load evaluation was done using spreadsheets and analysis and design was carried out in Software. We have analyzed the structure using time history analysis, member stresses were computed and structure was designed to resist the same. The design and drawings were approved by “British Petroleum”
First of its kind in Vadodara region the builder has opted for this technology. Without having any previous experience of such type of structure we gathered the literature studied and designed it, the design was approved by IIT-Kanpur (Dr. DC Rai) and ETABS CSI technical team.
This is a multistoried RCC industrial plant building with reactors. The reactors are subjected to very high internal pressure and are prone to blasting and hence this calls for Blast resisting design. The building is executed and is under production
Having lost majority of land patch in Vishwamitri River at Dumad oil terminal Vadodara. Herein we have reviewed the facilities and proposed counter measures to stop scouring, the design was submitted and approved by MSU Civil department. The work is executed and performing well.
Design of buried pipe line and manhole in Indonesia (SPT Value = 0 at pipe resting level)